Saturday, January 9, 2010

Our Week in Review

I'd say our first week back was a SUCCESS! By the time 6am Monday morning rolled around, I was ready! All my menus were planned for the week, school was planned out, the house was clean, and we were all ready to go! It's such a wonderful feeling of accomplishment for me when I'm organized and my house runs smoothly. I just love being a mother!! Did you know there is a difference between loving your children and loving Motherhood?? Well, there is! But that's for another post!

We love games around here. They're great family fun, character building, as well as a great way to learn. Some of our favorites are 10 Days in the USA (Geography) and Take it Easy (Math and Strategy) which I might add Rosebud is the raining champ.....and nobody is going easy on her! My friend who introduced us to the game and is VERY good at it scored 208, Rosebud scored a 191. Amazing for an 8 year old! Rummikub (Math), and The Global Puzzle (World Geography) are fun too. Pillar and I also have an on going contest of Extreme Rummy. The first person to 500 wins. I haven't lost a game yet! But she's getting better and better all the time. lol There's so many wonderful card games to be had. Speed is definitely a family favorite too, especially with Miracle. She's got the fastest hands! And Rosebud LOVES puzzles. She's been a natural at them since she was young. She received this new 300 piece one for Christmas. Notice the theme here??? What you can't see are the cowgirl boots she is wearing!! She was a happy little cowgirl!
One morning she asked me if she could fix breakfast. Sure! So she made cheesy scrambled eggs with ham, clementines, and toast. Yum! It was delicious!! She set the table and lit a candle too. So sweet!!
This week we did our global puzzle again. I like to do it once every quarter or so. It's a fantastic way to learn world geography. The pieces are actually shaped like individual countries. But because the puzzle is so large, it usually takes us a couple days to complete. And so we couldn't use our kitchen table for school on Friday. So.......we got out a blanket and did school "picnic style" on the living room floor! I wish I had a pic. The girls loved it!
Today we had to do our paper route in sub zero temps again. -20's windchill. Brrrrrrrrr!! I can't tell you how proud I am of the girls. They work together, have great attitudes, and don't complain. We make a great team!! This was a cute little guy we stumbled upon while delivering papers today. Isn't he cute?
Of course we had to stop and get a pic!
Overall, it was a very successful week. I even got in a long phone call with my little brother whom God used to give me some much needed wisdom and guidance. I love it when God does that! He is so faithful!
PS...I added a few of the games on the side bar for those of you interested in them.


Mrs. Taffy said...

Wonderful post Lori! Great week! Enjoy your day of rest! Love you, CB

Victoria said...

We do have a ton of fun with the games. But, not especially with the world map geography puzzle though. The penguin was very cute. I wonder how they made it so perfect?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! Love you guys!

Anonymous said...

Love the games and the snow penguin! Thanks for the links too.