Saturday, July 7, 2012

Northshore Adventures!

Wow!  What an amazing time we had together on the Northshore.  The waterfalls were majestic and the view of Lake Superior along scenic 61 was breathtakingly beautiful.  We started our day at 4am and ended the first day around 10pm.  Whew!  We packed about as much adventure into two days as is humanly possible! 
Gooseberry Falls was Miracle's favorite.  We counted 9 "official" stops plus a few added extras along the way.  But we spent a good 2-3 hours here.  The weather our first day was record breaking hot at 94!  So this cool water was welcomed by all!
 There were so many places around the falls to climb and see up close.  It was incredible!
But here we found this "little" ledge that led right behind the waterfall!  It was tricky to get back there but just look at her!  How many times does a girl get to climb behind a waterfall?  She loved the feel and sound of the water crashing down all around her.  I have to admit...that's totally something I would have done at her age! 
 Just goofing around in the little caves!  LOL
 Playing in the river.  Just look at how high she jumped! 
 It was SO hot!  This was miracle's idea of how to cool off!  lol 
The girls have never seen the ocean.  So this was an eye opener for them.  They suddenly understood much better why they used to think the world was flat and that they could fall off the edge of the world! 
They were throwing rocks and counting how many seconds it took to hit the bottom.  That was a LONG drop!  Then they were just seeing who could throw the farthest. 
 Palisade Heads had these great boulders to climb around on.  So much fun!!
Tettegouche turned out to be quite a trek....but it was worth it when we finally arrived!  We had to cross this old metal bridge, it's a good thing none of us has any fears here!  It swayed and bounced with every step.
This is what we found at the end of the very long hike!  We stayed here and swam at the bottom of the falls for a good hour.  So much fun!!  The rocks were really sharp though and Rosebud sliced her toe open.  Ouch!
This large boulder was right in the middle of the river surrounded by pretty strong currents.  She was determined to climb up there.  She was so proud!
 So everyone else had to do it too!  Love it!!
 See the determination in her face?  The water wasn't real deep but the currents were strong!!
Day #2 brought us lots and lots and lots of rain with much cooler temps around 68.  We started off the day by driving across the Canadian border.  I had hoped to get Rosebud a stamp in her passport like the rest of us have, but alas....they only scanned stamps.  Bummer!  But what we did find out is that Thunder Bay, about 45 minutes in, had a WALMART!  We could buy rain ponchos!! There were no such stores anywhere on the northshore. We discovered all kinds of fun facts along the way.  Ontario is on Eastern standard time, not central.  They use the metric system so it's kph, not mph.  It is illegal to use any kind of non-hands free device while driving.  They speak french so most signs are in French and English.  We heard a rap song in french on the radio!  Very funny!  And the maple leaf is everywhere!  We also found out that the dollar menu doesn't exist here.  The McChicken sandwiches on our dollar menu are $5+ there! 
After our Walmart excursion, we headed back to the border where we stopped at Pigeon River....on the Canadian side.  The river is the border so you can see the falls from both countries.  Our original plan was to do just that.  But we ended up taking much longer than planned on the Canadian side.  :-)  There paths were clearly marked in that we always knew we were on a path.  But where we were heading???  Ya, not so much.  There weren't many maps directing you.  It was quite an adventure.  Then you add the fact that it was raining in that thick forest of mud and slime and bugs....we had a BLAST!!!  Parts of the path were nice and wide, some even had wooden walkways.  We could walk side by side and admire the flowers and wildlife.  Other parts were just barely wide enough for one foot at a time and all the tall grasses surrounding us gave our minds temptation to imagine slimy creatures slithering out!  Eeek!  I couldn't take many pics due to the rain, but it turned out to be one of the highlights of our trip! 
These are the high falls from the Canadian side.  They were magnificent!  They were HUGE!  Totally worth the trek to get there.
On the way home we stopped at a few more rivers and falls.  This one had all this spongy foam stuff.  Gross!
 Simply beautiful. 
 What is it about climbing around on big rocks that makes it so much fun?
I took close to 200 pics over these 2 days!  And much to my delight many many of them are GREAT!  The girls were very willing subjects.  I guess it's not hard to take great pics when they're having so much fun.  I had wanted a great family pic, but it never worked out the first day and then we were soaked the second day.  Oh well!  And just so that "I" don't ever forget....mental note to self....don't ever stay at the Aspen Inn again.  Worst hotel experience ever!!!  But I guess that's what makes for great memories.  If everything goes as boring would that be! 

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

4th of July 2012

I feel like we walked back in time, onto the pages of an Anne of Green Gables novel today!  We spent the day out at a farm surrounded by the love and laughter of dear friends.  We celebrated our freedom and thanked God for His blessings in our lives.  Everyone young and old played organized games for hours and we had tons of good home cooked food!  It was sweltering hot, but we didn't even mind.  We were all laughing too hard.  It was potluck and we were all asked to bring a main dish, a side and a 4th of July themed dessert.  The desserts would be judged both on appearance and taste.  The winners would receive prizes too!  Pillar made our dessert and it turned out FABULOUS! 
She made a red and blue velvet cake with cream cheese frosting and then used sugar paper to make the cut out stars.  So creative she is!  There were close to 20 desserts there today and can you believe she won 2nd place?!!!  Way to go honey!!
There were soooo many games played today.  I took somewhere near 135 pictures.  I'll just hit the highlights.  The memories I don't want to forget.  There were three legged races.  Remember those?
 And gunny sack races.  Look at those cute sacks!
 Then there was the egg toss.  Just look at that determination....
 Look at that style.....
Look at the winners!  There were close to 100 kids competing of all ages and Miracle's team won first place!  Grand prize.  Oh so proud!
Then there was something that resembled a victory dance and their "indestructible" egg broke and squirted right in Rosebud's face.  Do you see the egg dripping from her face?  It looked like the world's biggest booger!  LOL
 Tug of war....Pull girls!
The loosing side of tug of war got pulled into the sprinklers.  Not such a bad thing when it feels like 110 outside!
I was blind folded  for this game, and I had to feed Miracle pudding.  LOL  We came in 2nd and she didn't even need a shower afterwards! 
Then there was the spaghetti eating contest.  No hands allowed.  Miracle came in 2nd.  Should I be proud?  LOL
 Top three winners in the spaghetti eating contest!
What a fun filled day.  Definitely one of our best 4th of July's ever!!  One that will not soon be forgotten.  Thank you Lord for a truly spectacular day!!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Valley Fair 2012

Recently, through a series of unexpected events, I ended up reading through my old blog pages.  It brought so much joy to my heart!  It was good to put myself in remembrance of what the Lord has done in our lives over the years.   I didn't realize just how much I would enjoy reading over the journalings and ramblings of my heart.  So, I've decided to start blogging again when I have the time.  The girls absolutely LOVE looking through them as well so in no particular we go again!

  It has become our annual tradition to go to Valley Fair once a year for Rosebud's birthday in May.  It's something we look forward to all year!  I have a bit of an adventurous side myself and so the girls have grown up on roller coasters and such things!  The faster, the higher, the scarier.....the better!

They LOVE LOVE LOVE the water rides.  I do not.  But sitting out on these gives me the ability to take pics and boy did I get some pretty great shots this time around!  Just look at those faces!
 Pure delight!
 Rosebud has a fascination with Snoopy.  So did I as a child.
 Isn't she just the sweetest?
 All wet after going on the log ride....and loving it!
 The Rip Cord was discounted and of course....we HAD to ride it!  These are the memories that the girls talk about year after year.  :-)
 All four of us getting ready for the Rip Cord.  The question of the hour is who gets to pull the cord this year?
 Lest you think I am forcing my girls to do something against their wills.... can you see the anticipation on her face?
 Annual Power Tower pic.  There's just something exhilarating about being dropped from up there.  That and the view from up there is spectacular!
 Can you say Drama Queen?  Gotta love it!
 The funny thing on this ride is you have no control over who gets wet.  Inevitably the person who would rather stay dry....gets wet.  And the person who wants to get soaked....stays dry!  lol
 Best friends for life!
We had SO MUCH FUN!  The Lord blessed us with a perfect day.  It was overcast with showers in the morning and so no one showed up at the!  The only time we ever had to wait in line was if we wanted the very front or very back of a ride. Which of course we did! And I might add that none of the rides were closed or had problems while we were there either.  I even got a couple videos that I know the girls will want to watch over and over and over.  And to top it all off we received an unexpected additional discount at admission too!  Yeah!  Thank you Lord.