Tuesday, April 6, 2010

March/April Highlights

First of all I should give you a medical update. My next broncospopy is scheduled for Friday April 16th. It is a same day surgery where they will blow up a "balloon" inside my airway to stretch it out as well as laser out any webbing or scar tissue that might be forming where it shouldn't. So far the surgeon has not seen anything that he didn't already expect to see. We have had no bad reports. My throat as well as my rib are healing well, although the rib is healing slowly. I have a massage therapist coming to the house twice a week now to help with the pain in my back right shoulder blade area. Evidently it is common to have shoulder issues after major surgeries. I guess we never really know how they contort our bodies to accomplish these surgeries. My physical therapist told me this week that the rib will heal when it's good and ready! And there's not anything I can do to make it heal faster, although there is plenty I can do to slow it down. So I'm taking it easy and not pushing myself physically. (My daughters will probably disagree with me here. :-))

Friends and family have been very good about bringing homemade meals and groceries to us these past weeks as I am not able to work right now. Just last night a friend that I haven't seen in many months drove almost an hour to our house to visit and bring bags and bags of groceries and household supplies! And another sweet friend brought us some much needed fresh fruit and veggies! My brother's family has also helped with the girls as well as transporting me to and from the hospital and doctors office. All our needs are being met beautifully. Thank you for everyones prayers!!

Our homeschool continues to be successful everyday in spite of the physical challenges. Can I just say that I am so very proud of my girls??? They are so faithful, generous, smart and beautiful, inside and out. They have done all the laundry (we live in a split level and the laundry is in the basement), most of the cooking, cleaning, and overall household duties for more than a month now without complaining. They have continued to do school with great attitudes and do what is expected, even if I'm not available as much as usual. I really couldn't be more proud!

This Easter Rosebud asked me what would have happened if Jesus hadn't risen from the dead. It led to a wonderful conversation about the power of the Resurrection and how we serve a LIVING God!! He's not dead.....He's ALIVE!!

We also found a bag of old plastic Easter eggs. So just for old times sake we loaded them up with spare change and some M&M's and had an Easter egg hunt outside. I don't think we've had an Easter without snow since Pillar was a baby. So an outside Easter egg hunt was a big treat for all! Here's just a few pics of the girls having fun. It's too bad they're not more dramatic! LOL
These pics truly were not staged~
I just love to hear them laugh and squeal with delight!
It's the simple pleasures in life that make this mama's heart so happy.
This year Miracle has been working very hard on her reading comprehension. We made a goal for her and she's worked very very hard to achieve it. She had to read X# of large chapter books, approved by me of course, to reach her goal. For her reward she wanted a bonnet. She's wanted one for a very long time. And now she has it. She's so proud.....but I think I am more so! Proud that is!!!
This last week I felt I had the energy to make a small trek to a local park. Walking is the one thing that I'm "allowed" to do right now. So while the weather was so nice we got out a little. We packed a picnic lunch and spent the afternoon outdoors. The girls played, and I read a book under a tree. Don't you just love parks? I do!
I've always wanted to get one of these fun shots. But I didn't realize until we got home that it appears like two of them have their feet on the ground. But you can tell from their clothes that they really are up in the air. I guess you have to bend your knees to get the full effect. But they sure did have fun being goofy!
Overall, it's been a good 6 weeks. God is awesome and continues to be so very faithful to us. I am so grateful that we know Him.....and He knows us! No matter what our circumstances bring us, He is there leading us and guiding us in the way that we should go! Thank you Lord!!


Andrea said...

Praising GOD for HIS faithfulness in your life. Praying HE will continue to give you peace, love, and comfort. Praying for GODS healing touch to envelope your being!
Blessings, andrea

Anonymous said...

Your daughters are so cute! Praying for healing for you. Be encouraged and stay strong in the Lord.

Mrs. Taffy said...

Very happy that you posted! Doesn't that feel better? I love Miracle's Ponnet! I love Rosebud's face and I Love Pillar's hair on the merry-go-round! Glad the Lord is taking such good care of your through His Body! Love you!

RCUBEs said...

Glory to God! So great to hear from you sister but know you're in prayers. God bless you always and your beautiful girls. They are amazing! Be strong in the Lord's mighty power always. It's awesome to hear about His goodness and love. And I know we're all winners because of our faith. Thanks be to Jesus! :) Take care.

Heart2Heart said...

Praising God for all the good news woven throughout this post. He is so good to His faithful people that love Him as much as He loves us. I continue to pray for the healing from your surgery and understand that the recovery process is different for everyone. I had my sister last night tell me that a friend she knows that had a hysterectomy was back at work in a week yet I still remain in my recovery process and it's slow going. I was a little down after that but God reminded me we are all different and no one should be ashamed because we don't all do the same things at the same times.

Praying for you sweets and hope you stop by and register for two amazing book giveaways I have running this week. They end on Saturday next week.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Anonymous said...

I am so glad God gave chose you to take care of me! You are the best mom in the world. God is good to have taken care of us this whole time.