Thursday, December 30, 2010

Sledding Fun!

We had the most beautiful snow day here. By 8am it was 27 degrees, there was a bright sun shining and no wind! Wahoo!! December has been very cold, windy, and stormy. We've even had an official blizzard. At one point I heard on the radio that we were very close to making history with the snowiest December ever! So you can understand the girls excitement at such a beautiful day!! The first thing Rosebud suggested is that we go sledding. So......we loaded up the van and hit our local snow hill. The icing on the cake was that public school was still in session so we had the entire hill to ourselves. Us and our friends that is! Miracle and Rosebud bit the dust.....
After trying this! LOL Hey, they made it half way down before colliding....not bad!
Gotta love these shots! Or maybe it's just me.....
We had so many races down the made "me" tired and all I did was stand and take pictures!
Now this is how a cute two year old does it! Isn't he adorable???
Speedy Gonzales!
I think she has her mothers need for SPEED! LOL
Miracle is my adventurous, daredevil.....always trying out new stunts first!
I just love seeing the smiles on everyone's faces!! They make this mother VERY happy!!

It was a fun morning. And of course we came home to hot chocolate with all the trimmings! Thank you Lord for giving us such a beautiful morning to enjoy!


Andrea said...

Looks like lots of fun. I, too love the snow! We got about 7 inches!

Hope you have an awesome New Year!!

Mrs. Olson said...

That was a perfect morning for sledding. We are so blessed to be homeschooling and creating memories together!!