Wednesday, July 4, 2012

4th of July 2012

I feel like we walked back in time, onto the pages of an Anne of Green Gables novel today!  We spent the day out at a farm surrounded by the love and laughter of dear friends.  We celebrated our freedom and thanked God for His blessings in our lives.  Everyone young and old played organized games for hours and we had tons of good home cooked food!  It was sweltering hot, but we didn't even mind.  We were all laughing too hard.  It was potluck and we were all asked to bring a main dish, a side and a 4th of July themed dessert.  The desserts would be judged both on appearance and taste.  The winners would receive prizes too!  Pillar made our dessert and it turned out FABULOUS! 
She made a red and blue velvet cake with cream cheese frosting and then used sugar paper to make the cut out stars.  So creative she is!  There were close to 20 desserts there today and can you believe she won 2nd place?!!!  Way to go honey!!
There were soooo many games played today.  I took somewhere near 135 pictures.  I'll just hit the highlights.  The memories I don't want to forget.  There were three legged races.  Remember those?
 And gunny sack races.  Look at those cute sacks!
 Then there was the egg toss.  Just look at that determination....
 Look at that style.....
Look at the winners!  There were close to 100 kids competing of all ages and Miracle's team won first place!  Grand prize.  Oh so proud!
Then there was something that resembled a victory dance and their "indestructible" egg broke and squirted right in Rosebud's face.  Do you see the egg dripping from her face?  It looked like the world's biggest booger!  LOL
 Tug of war....Pull girls!
The loosing side of tug of war got pulled into the sprinklers.  Not such a bad thing when it feels like 110 outside!
I was blind folded  for this game, and I had to feed Miracle pudding.  LOL  We came in 2nd and she didn't even need a shower afterwards! 
Then there was the spaghetti eating contest.  No hands allowed.  Miracle came in 2nd.  Should I be proud?  LOL
 Top three winners in the spaghetti eating contest!
What a fun filled day.  Definitely one of our best 4th of July's ever!!  One that will not soon be forgotten.  Thank you Lord for a truly spectacular day!!

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