Sunday, October 4, 2009

Paper Route

On Saturday we subbed for a friends paper route. Boy things have changed since I was a kid "on a bike" with a route. I don't have the fondest memories, especially collecting the money. Yuck!! But doing this in the van with the girls was a BLAST!! We had so much fun!! It was a lot of work, but we enjoyed it. We had 4 local papers, a Menard's add, as well as a Fleet Farm add to collate. There were about 500 each. That's a lot of paper! LOL We each had a job to do. Miracle and Rosebud did the collating, Pillar did the distributing, while I did the driving. I promised Pillar that I would disclose the fact that I "nicked" not "hit" 10 mailboxes.....out of close to 500. I don't think that's too bad! lol It was much harder than I anticipated. Each box was a different height and distance from the curb. In an effort to get as close as possible for Pillar......sometimes I "bumped" it. lol
We're only about half way through here. Look at all those papers we have left!

I was proud of the way we worked together as a team. Their attitudes were terrific. So afterwards I treated them to ice cream. YUM!! One of my all time favorite things!!

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Anonymous said...

Good job! That looks like fun!
Did you go to Cold Stone or DQ?