Sunday, October 11, 2009

Rosebud's 8th Birthday

It has become our annual tradition. We all go to Valley Fair, an amusement park for Rosebud's birthday. I personally LOVE roller coasters, and all things fast and high! I love the feeling it leaves in my stomach. And so from the time they were young.....I have taught them the finer points of enjoying amusement park rides! LOL Rosebud, being the youngest hasn't always been able to ride all the adult rides as she is not tall enough yet. So every year she gets her highest heel shoes on and stands straight and tall to see if she's tall enough yet. And every year she can ride a few more than last year.....but not quite all of them yet. Much to her dismay I might add. But this year she was thrilled that there were only two rides in the whole park that she couldn't ride. Yeah!! This would be her first ever ride on the Power Tower. She LOVED it!! I had just gotten my trach out and so I wasn't able to go on any water rides this year. Major bummer. But as you can see.....the girls got plenty wet on the log ride!!
She adores her sisters!!

You know....I must admit.....that as much as I love roller coaster rides.....I hate rides like this. I wouldn't let them rock at all. I'm not quite sure why it freaks me out so much. Maybe the openness (is that a word) of it all.
All WET!! And lovin it!!

Her name means God's Gift of Love. And that is exactly what she is to me!!
Her joy is contagious. It's impossible to be sad for long when she's around. She was given this cute birthday ribbon by her cousin. She played a game and counted all the people who told her, "Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!" She lost count after 100.....we were there all day!

She was giddy with anticipation of riding the Wild Thing. Of course, since she was the birthday girl, she got to decide where and with whom she rode each ride. As you can see, she thought front and center was well worth the wait!!We had a wonderful time together this summer. I guess I should mention that her birthday is actually the end of May, but I didn't have a blog back then. And these pics were just too cute to pass up! I love you Rosebud!


Mrs. Taffy said...

Yes, Happy Birthday Rosebud! Oh Lori...just looking at those ferris wheel pictures makes me feel ill! Ahhh!

Anonymous said...

Scary!!!! I'm glad the ribbon worked!!! Get any free gifts??