Sunday, July 4, 2010

4th of July at the Kelley Farm

It was hot and humid today, but we were with good friends so we hardly noticed at all! It seems every time we go to the Kelley Farm there is something "new" happening. Today was no different. In honor of the 4th.....150 years ago......part of a "real" passionate speech was given to show us what the farmers were going through at that time. What they were fighting for. What they believed in. It was very well done. The kids even got to raise banners and shout out during the speech. Although the girls didn't do this because they thought it would be "rude." lol All the kids got to play Townball out in the fields. What FUN!!! It's similar to baseball but with a few modifications to the rules. lol No strikes, any hit is a good hit, and you can throw the ball at the person to get them out. Just try not to aim at the "head." lol
Can you find the ball? Yep, this was a miss. But she didn't give up and hit a home run next! Wahoooo! The only one of the game! That's my girl!! Go Miracle!!
Those are all our kids out in the field. And that VERY cute pregnant lady is my good friend. Isn't she just the cutest thing? I don't think I ever looked that good with only 3 weeks left!
The dad's got involved too. It was a family game and we they had sooooo much fun!
It never did rain like the weatherman predicted. Yeah!! We were sooooo grateful!
This was the sign that our girls got to wave at the speech. It was a great way to get the kids involved in the process.
At one point one of the farmers asked Pillar to go to the barn and get a ladder. I'm not sure what I expected......but it wasn't this big heavy thing! As you can see she had a smile on her face and was up to the challenge!
Rosebud and Katie were transporting water from the single water pump in the center of the farm to the pigs down at the far edge. They worked together, got wet, and laughed the whole time doing it!
Aren't they just sweet working together?
But filling up the HUGE trough one bucket at a time was just too slow. So Rosebud gave this thing a try. It was REALLY heavy, not everyone could lift it. But she was determined. There's not much she can't accomplish when she puts her mind to it!
She also wanted to feed the horses but had to get fresh hay. Instead of just getting a handful.....she brought a whole wheelbarrow full!
She had to push it all the way back uphill when she was done unloading it. Her little cheeks were so red from pushing hard. She loves everything about farming. When she grows up....she wants to marry a farmer!
I'm not sure what this game was called but the kids had to push these metal rings across the yard using wooden sticks. It was much harder than they thought because the metal rings weren't perfect! And the bigger they were, the harder they were!
It was a really great day! We won't be watching any fireworks this year, although I can hear them going off even now as I type. Usually we do, but we had so much fun today that the girls don't mind at all. I hope you enjoyed your day as well!


Mrs. Taffy said...

Yeah, you pretty much had a fantastic day! How fun! I love the picture of the 4 of you!

And your friend looks fabulous! The only place she looks pregnant is right under her shirt! Does she get a lot of basketball comments? Give her a hug from me and tell her I'll praying for and the baby as the delivery gets closer!

Much love,

Mrs. Olson said...

It turned out to be a great day, warm but a nice breeze...and the lemonade was free. There is so much to do there and the kids love it. Thank you for spending the day with us, everyone had such a good time.

Ahh, and Mrs. Taffy, there is also the swallowed a beachball or watermelon comments too. lol Thank you for the prayer!!

Mrs. Olson

Anonymous said...

Hi! This is Rosebud. It was really fun feeding the horses and jumping off the HUGE haystack. I liked bringing the water to the pigs. I never knew I could carry those 2 big buckets of water! It was fun!!

Love Rosebud

Victoria said...

We had a great day! Thanks for taking us mom!
It was a lot of fun! I love you!


Anonymous said...

We had a great day! Thanks for taking us mom! Good thing that the ball was soft. The ladder was very heavy. Love you!