Thursday, July 1, 2010

Summertime Fun and Games

Yesterday we were notified of a Wednesday only garage sale that had "lots" of homeschool curriculum and books. So before swim lessons we headed over to check it out. I was excited to find the 2nd grade English curriculum that a friend needed for a bargain price as well as some books for my girls. The books were all .05 - .50 and many of them very nice!! I also found these fun paper dolls in old historic clothes. Very fun!!On the way home from swim lessons we stopped off at another garage sale that was just down the street a bit from us. We almost didn't stop because it appeared a bit "junky." Boy am I glad we did!! The girls found this stack of old games that they LOVE to play as well as two tennis rackets. I was thrilled to find so many hours of enjoyment for just pennies. VERY cheap entertainment if you ask me. And me....well....I hit the jackpot. I found the deal of the century!! I still pinch myself to see if it really happened. I won't be able to show you pics until Christmas though!! But trust'll be worth the wait! I'm just so excited.....I'm not sure "I" can wait that long! LOL
The battleship games have been so much fun! We've always been a big game family. And these were in great shape and a great price. $1 each! The girls have been playing them every chance they get!
Pillar found this little guy outside the other day while mowing the lawn. Not sure what happened with the camera, but thought her pic turned out cool! She fed him some dragonflies hoping to see that long tongue come out to eat.....but alas.....the toad was too quick for our mere mortal eyes. She saw nothing spectacular at all and let him go.
Today was another fun day. For lunch we roasted hot dogs out in the fire pit so we wouldn't have to turn on the oven for lunch. Our a/c's been broken, and my neighbor couldn't come look at it until this afternoon. Which by the way he was able to fix for the fantastic price of chocolate chip cookies! Yeah God!! Anyhow, after lunch we played charades outside and let me tell was hilarious! Oh how I wish I would have had the camera. What a bunch of hams!
I hope you are enjoying your summer!


Beth said...

How absolutely adorable your girls and their games are!! We went to garage sales, too...however with different results. If you want to see what happened to me, you'll have to read my most recent blog entry. It is just too yucky to relive and I have to try to get some sleep now!! I don't need any nightmares!

Andrea said...

I love bargains and I definitely love books and games.

:)De said...

My daughter loves paper dolls. This is 1 of the sites we use the most:

I print them off and then I lamenate the sheets to help them last a bit longer.

Quick story that can't be told quickly;

When I was about 7 yrs old, I was in my parent's room playing with a new paper dolls book. Back then they were not perforated and had to be cut. I was carefully cutting (with my tongue stuck out and all) while lying across mama’s bed. When I finished a certain piece, I had accidently cut my mama’s spread in the shape of the dress that I was cutting! My mom gasped and I broke into tears! I felt so bad. I did not get into trouble, my mama was very kind and gracious and I was very sensitive, but to this day, almost 40 years later my mom still teases me about that spread, especially if she walks in the room and I am cutting something.


Mrs. Taffy said...

Great deal on all the games! We have that God's Smuggler book! It's great!