Sunday, September 5, 2010

Miracle's 12th Birthday

I remember the day she was born like it was yesterday. How can it really be 12 years ago?? She really is my Miracle and I love her so!

The girls get to pick the menu for their birthdays....all their favorite foods! This year she chose Weaver's blueberry muffins with fresh pineapple for breakfast. Then chicken cashew salad with pink salad for lunch and ribs with potatoes for dinner (no And last but not least she requested a turtle cheesecake for dessert! I tried a new recipe and it turned out very rich and yummy!!

In our family the girls have to wait till their 12th birthday to get their ears pierced. She's watched over the last year or so as her sister and cousin both got theirs pierced. And now was her turn! Yeah!! She's been soooooo excited!!

Knowing that sitting and waiting in the chair would be the worst part, the store manager graciously let her shop until the very last moment before it was time.

She really wasn't scared at all, but it did help to have this nice soft cuddly bear to hug tight!

She didn't even flinch or blink an eye! Here she is sporting her new crazy daisy earrings!

It just so happened that the store was having a clearance sale! 10 items for $10! She bought everything in this pic for $1/ea except the star which was $2.50. What a deal!!

First thing in the morning she wanted to open presents. Do we ever outgrow that? lol

Her sisters gave very generous gifts that spoke straight to her heart! We like to search all year long at garage sales and thrift stores for those "perfect" gifts!

Pillar made this treasure chest for her. It was FULL of...

Her FAVORITE candies!!!!!

She looks like she's doing a Reese's commercial. LOL

Very sweet girls I have!!

This is all the treasure!

One of these videos is of Miracle getting her ears pierced. The other is of her opening an unexpected present from me. Her confused/excited expression is because she's seeing and not really believing that Hannah Montana is staring at her from inside the box. And we don't listen to her. But then she realizes that it's an MP3 player. lol We're going to try and find a cover for it.....but I got the deal of the century on it and new that it would bless her. Oh the fun of surprises!!

I'm so proud of my Miracle. I couldn't possibly love her any more!! Happy birthday honey. I'm so glad that God gave you to me!!


Victoria said...

Oh thank you so much mom! It was a fabulous birthday! I absolutely am so very happy that you are so happy that God gave me to you! You are the best mom in the whole entire universe!!!
Love you!


Mrs. Taffy said...

What a great birthday! I'm so glad you were born too Miracle! You are a delight and a joy to all who are honored to know you! I love you very much!

Aunt Taffy

mommyx12 said...

What a birthday! The dessert sounds wonderful. Everything! Happy Birthday to your blessing.

:)De said...

Happy birthday Miracle!!