Sunday, September 5, 2010

The State Fair

I've heard it said that we have one of the best state fairs in the entire country. I'm not sure if it's true or not as I don't have much to compare it too. But I can tell you that we had a most wonderful time there this week!! We had so....much....FUN! Quite unexpectedly we were blessed/given the money for the entire day. There was enough for everything we could possibly want/need like parking, admission, rides and food! WOW!!! We were also given some coupon books that enabled us to stretch that money even further. :-) I also have to mention that God gave us the most beautiful weather imaginable. Really! It was about 80 degrees, sunny, with a slight breeze! Ahhhhh.....perfect! And the really cool thing about it, that was the ONLY day the entire week with weather like that. The other days were either unbearably hot and humid, or rainy and stormy. Thank you Lord for sending us on our beautiful day!!

We arrived about 9am and hit the rides first before there were long lines. We LOVE rides!! Rosebud's gage for a ride is if it makes the boys scream......then you know it's a good one! LOL
The higher and faster and twirlier......the BETTER!
I think this one turned out to be everyone's favorite.
Then we found all the animals. These lamas were so full of personality!!
And we thought this pig was hysterical!
We happened to catch a sheep showing. It was fun to watch everyone try to keep control of their animals during the judging.
And the owners were very kind to let us get close and "talk" with them.
These baby pigs were being born at the exact time we were in the building! Great timing!! #7 was being born while we were just a few yards away. Although we missed it since we were watching another animal give birth. More on that to come.....
And of course there is all the good food!! We wanted to experience as much as possible so we shared A LOT. That way we all got a taste of a lot of different things! These were hot mini doughnuts. The smelled heavenly!!
And they tasted great too! :-)
I've been told you can find just about anything "on a stick" at our state fair. But we are cheesecake lovers over here so we just HAD to try it! We were not disappointed!
Although an ice cream sundae isn't anything special, we were hot, tired, and had a great coupon! So we shared Bridgman's brownie sundaes complete with hot fudge, caramel, whipped cream and a cherry on top! Yummy!!!
And who wouldn't want to taste an "Elephant Ear?"
We had soooo much food! Caramel apples, fruit smoothies, cheese curds and so much more! It was fabulous!!
But I think one of the highlights of the entire day was our visit to the Miracle of Birth Center. Don't you just love the name? It was a new building this year that housed all the animals that were ready to give birth during the fair. We entered just as a baby calf was being born. The front hooves were out about a foot and the little nose was trying to peek through! They had big screen TV's mounted above so that as we inched toward the actual pen where she was giving birth we could watch the whole birthing process. (I felt like a salmon swimming up stream, there were so many people) By the time we reached the pen, the calf had just given birth a few seconds before and there we stood......RIGHT in front of him! The pen was pretty big so we had no idea how far away we would be. But God led us right to the right place at the right time! We had a front row seat as this new little one learned to walk for the first time. It was GREAT!!

As is the custom we also got to participate in the naming of this new little one. The crowd voted by raised hand and cheering. Our three choices were Midway, Brett, and Doughnut. Our choice won! Meet Doughnut!
The dairy farmers, there to help with the birthing process, talked and taught us so much while we watched Doughnut try to walk. We learned A LOT!! Here's a little video of his first steps.

We had an amazing day! We made some great memories and the girls are really hoping that God makes a way for us to go back again next year. Thank you Lord for giving us this special day together. Thank you for making everything about it.....perfect.


Mrs. Taffy said...

Fantastic! It WAS perfect!

Michael said...

Aren't you glad that God didn't make it be that you had to lick your babies clean?