Monday, February 22, 2010

Just Do the Next Thing

I have tried this past month, this past keep things as "normal" as possible for the girls. I knew that there was plenty I had no control over and that I would have to completely trust God with. So knowing that, we take one day at a time and just do the next thing. We do what we know to do....what we "can" do. We have set our alarms each night and maintained our homeschool schedule/routine very well despite all the ever changing medical situations. But this last month has been especially challenging. In part due to stress I suppose, and largely in part to a drug reaction that we didn't discover until a couple weeks of taking it that caused "mental confusion." The good news is that I'm off those drugs now and feeling good again, much more like myself! Yeah!!

I also thought I would share a few random pics and thoughts from our last month. The first thing I want to share though is how proud I am of my girls. They are truly amazing!! In the face of fear, they are strong and courageous. They love God and they love their family. They are such a blessing to me.

One Saturday morning Pillar made these cute snowmen pancakes for us! She's so creative!
With three girls in the house we never tire of finding cute new do's!
Ahhhhhh! They make my heart sing!
They were so excited to go sledding with their cousins. We have a great sledding hill not 10 minutes from our house, but I haven't been able to take them this winter. So this was a HUGE blessing!! Thank you! Thank you!
They received gift cards to Claire's this Christmas and bought colored hair spray. How fun!!
I found this beautiful dress for Miracle at the Lands End Outlet. It was the last one on the rack, and in her size too....for 90% off!! It's beautiful with intricate bead work and lace. It was made just for her!! She absolutely loves it and has worn it every week since!
One more little moment if that's what you want to call it. The girls took their 1st Semester History exam last week. And they all got A's! Now I don't mean that in a "look how smart my kids are" kind of way. It really felt like a big pat on the back from God. More like a "Good job Mom!" In spite of everything going on, my kids are learning and thriving!!! Oh thank you Lord for your great mercy and grace!!! As Christians we're not promised a rosy trouble free life. Rest assured trials and tribulation will come our way. But the difference is that "we" don't have to go through it alone!! Ya, we're going through some stuff right now. But you know what? When we get to the other side of all this, and I KNOW we will.....we're going to be stronger, not weaker. What the enemy meant to destroy us......the Lord will turn around and use to make us stronger! Boy will we have a testimony then!!


Victoria said...

WOW! God must of blessed us a lot if you look back into the FUN past. I love that dress that I have. It's my ALL TIME FAVORITE DRESS!!!! I love though snow man pancakes with chocolate chips! YUMMY!!!

Anonymous said...

God has taken care of us through everything we have met. Think of all the stories I will have for my kids. Tori loves her dress so much that I think it will go into her hopechest. But I think the hair is well...CrAzY looking. But hey it was fun.

Camille said...

How wonderful that dress was meant for you! God is so good to us, isn't He? AND the A's on their history exams...yes, well done! Oh, and their braids look so pretty. :)