Tuesday, May 11, 2010

History and the Bible Come Alive!

History.....I really enjoy history. I haven't always though. I thought the memorization of endless names, places and dates to be rather boring. But then one year in school I had a teacher who really had a "passion" for history and it completely changed my way of thinking. It became a story that impacted my own. I've enjoyed it ever since. But now that I'm a homeschooling mom.....I think I enjoy teaching it the most. It just fascinates me!!!
Tonight we had a special treat. We drove into the cities to hear a lecture at a christian college. It's about an hour away from us, but well worth the drive. His name was Michael Wise, and he is a world renown expert on the Dead Sea Scrolls. What's really cool is that these same scrolls that we learned about tonight are on exhibit at our state's science museum. WOW! The real thing just inches away from me. I can hardly wait to go see them!
That being said, you know when you have those proud mama moments? Those moments that feel like encouragement straight from the throne room of heaven? I know we are all proud of our children, as we should be. They are wonderful gifts from heaven. But since this is my blog and I don't have anyone else to tell......I'm going to share my proud moment with YOU! lol I hope you don't mind.
Tonight we went to this lecture not really sure what to expect. I wasn't disappointed at all. That being said, this was a true "lecture." It was not dumbed down for us non-scholars at all. lol It was about 1 1/2 hours long with a Q & A session at the end. 2 hours in total. Dr. Wise spoke like a true "professor" and had a good slide show presentation to go along with his talk. There were many words that I had never heard before. Just being honest. lol But what was so amazing to me was that woven throughout his speech was everything we've been studying in history this year!!
Now, I couldn't tell by the girls expressions if they were catching any of it. We had great seats right up front and I think they were glued to him and the screen all night. But the chairs were uncomfortable, it was late, and there was some wiggling and tiredness going on. Especially in my fun loving 8 year old. lol It was impossible to tell what they were thinking. Were they bored to tears at this man's 2 hour speech with words that even I hadn't heard before? Did they understand any of it?? Did they remember and see the correlation between what they had learned/read in history and what they were hearing here? Was the Bible coming alive for them in a new way like it was for me? I could hardly wait to hear their opinions afterwards!
Well, I wasn't disappointed. In fact.....I was amazed!!! I could hardly believe all the details that they learned and remembered. Thank you Lord!! I love it when He does this.....an unexpected surprise that ties everything together nice and neat! What a fun and wonderful way to tie up our year of history! We're not quite finished yet, but we're close. And after the year we've had....it did this mama's heart good to see all that they have learned. Really learned.
The best part about it though was how it not only tied together everything in history this year.....but what we've studied in the Bible as well. I am truly amazed at how God can make His Word come alive to us when we make learning it a priority. Thank you Lord for this special blessing straight from you. I love you so much!!


Pillar said...

Very nice post. At first I thought that it was going to be boring. I was in for a surprise. It was very cool. And it went right along with our History and my books. It was very fun. Now I can't wait to see the dead sea scrolls at the Science Musem. Have a blessed day!

nwcstudents said...

We're so glad you and your daughters enjoyed the presentation! Thanks for making the drive onto campus, have you visited before?

Here at Northwestern, we're very proud of the work Dr. Wise is doing, and excited about the fact that the Dead Sea Scrolls are here in the Twin Cities; and it is wonderful hearing testimonies like yours!

If there is ever any way we can serve you, please let us know @ http://www.nwc.edu .

Heart2Heart said...


What a blessing it is when God puts all the pieces of lessons in our laps to discover. It really makes learning mean so much more.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

:)De said...

Hey Laura,

I went to Donna Young's site, http://donnayoung.org/index.htm where you can get so many great tools. On the homeschool planner tab, you can get the grade tool that keeps attandance, tracks grades and does GPA for you. I love it and it's FREE!! (my favorite price LOL!)

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

How wonderful! History is like breathing around here. It is all of our favorite topics.

I just sent the boys to a presentation on taxidermy and they loved it! It was quite long, too.

Beth said...

Hi! Thanks so much for visiting my blog! I have been a follower of yours for a while now! I know how difficult it is to be a single parent.
Isn't it wonderful to have children with the kind of hearts our girls have? Jennie went to the Goodwill store this morning with me and she spent over $40 of her own money and also spent about $15 at a garage sale before that to get the clothes for Kenya. She is a blessing to me!

Heart2Heart said...


Congratulations! You are one of the lucky winners of the book, The Bride Collector by Ted Dekker. Please email me with your mailing information so I can send this book to you. Again congratulations and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

rcubes said...

That sounds like so much fun and at the same time very educational for your children. I am feeling better just yesterday after almost a week of being bothered by my nasty allergy. Going back to work tonight and tomorrow. But I don't want to forget to drop by and wish you a great weekend. You're not forgotten in my prayers sister and I treasure your visit. God bless you and your beautiful daughters always. Be strong in the Lord's mighty power. I had read the posts that I missed too. Don't forget to share some pics when you're harvesting your raspberries! :) Curls or no curls, your daughters are all beautiful! Take care.

Heart2Heart said...


Please help me spread the word of a sister in Christ who so desperately needs help with a limited amount of time left.


Love and Hugs ~ Kat