Sunday, May 2, 2010


I really like lists. I like the satisfaction of crossing things off. Truth be told I've been known to write something down.....just so I can cross it off! LOL I know. That's pathetic. But it's true. I am not a slave to my lists anymore though. But there was a day when I was. Productivity. Accomplishment. Finality. What wonderful feelings. Now, of course, not all success can be measured by a list. But at the end of a long hard day, week, month or even sure does help keep me focused on the positive. On what I "can" do. Or rather what God can do when I cooperate with His plans and purposes!

This was just part of our list for today. I'm very pleased. Mind you I didn't do all this by myself. We're a family and when we work together, it's amazing what we can accomplish!

Plant raspberry plants in the backyard
Clean, organize and price items from our garage
Take another van load to sil house for garage sale
Girls complete weekend household chores
Plan meals
Go to bank
Buy groceries
Chop/dice/slice food for this week
Many loads of laundry cleaned, folded and put away
Call in and Pick up prescriptions
Call Grandma
Call Friend
Hang bulletin board and flower on Miracles wall
Roll Miracle and Rosebuds hair in sponge rollers while watching Amazing Race!

Whew! I'm tired! Although it's still very difficult to breath, it feels good to be "doing" something again. It feels good to be able to cross a few things off the list!!!


Mrs. Taffy said...

Good Job!

Anonymous said...

Good post! And it is not boring at all silly! Love you!