Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Lovely Locks and Lots of Life!

I used to roll Pillar and Miracle's hair when they were little. I have the greatest pics of them in diapers and rollers....dancing on the bed in front of my big mirror! If only I had a scanner. Although I'm sure they're happy I don't. LOL So when I found a HUGE container of these same rollers for $1, I just couldn't resist. Miracle has beautiful, thick, very straight hair. She has always wanted some curls like her sisters. Now she has them!
Yes, Rosebud is quite a ham!!
Her hair is naturally curly, so these ringlettes actually stayed in for 2 days!!
Ahhhh, just look at this beautiful smile. It melts this mama's heart.
While my Grandma was here, the girls planted some seeds. It so much fun to see new life spring forth. Pretty soon we'll have a nice sized container gargen growing on our back porch. Yeah!! Someday we'll have a "real" garden!
Last fall one of my former daycare parents, who just happens to be a master gardener, spent an afternoon doing some landscaping for me as a thank you gift. It was such a sweet gesture. I've always admired nicely manicured lawns with beautiful landscaping. But the outside of my home has never been a top priority. I've been waiting all winter to see what popped up!
I can't tell you how thrilled I am to see all these beautiful plants springing forth around my house!! Just look at them all! These will all have bright flowers pretty soon too. I'm just so excited!! I've never had any landscaping before.....I just love looking out my window now!!
This is one of our new raspberry plants. It's one of the biggest ones. Someday it will produce some great raspberries!! Yum!!
Happy Spring!!


Anonymous said...

Oh the girls look so pretty and the yard looks great! I've just started on our yard but I have to motivate myself to plant some things. Thanks!

Mrs. Taffy said...

Their hair looks adorable! Pillar didn't want her hair rolled huh? :o) I bet it would have been just as beautiful!

Okay...we are ready for our sale! Pray the gnats away...they were horrid yesterday! Much love!

Anonymous said...

I think Miracle and Rosebud looked like shirly temple and goldylocks. That is what I called them half the day. I would NOT like my hair in curlers. I like it just how it is! :) Maybe we will get some raspberries next year,or the year after that. I can't wait for all the flowers to bloom! Love ya!