Sunday, June 13, 2010

City Wide Garage Sales

This week we were "sellers" at a city wide garage sale in a neighboring city. It was CRAZY busy on Wednesday!!! I've shopped at city wide's before....but never sold. Oh my!! We had prayed that God would bring all the people that needed our clothes, curriculum and daycare items. And He sure did! We made $250 on the first day! Yeah!!! The weather didn't cooperate for the rest of the week, so traffic was pretty slow. Only the diehards would brave the rain and wind. But we still made more than $35o total! I'm thrilled!!! Thrilled to have the cash and thrilled to have successfully de-cluttered my house a bit. What a great feeling!
Here is a better pic of the beautiful chair and ottoman that we were given this week. Only God could give me a piece of furniture that is both functional and the perfect colors! We really needed another place to sit and this one piece of furniture ties together everything else in the room. Only God!!
The girls can bowl two free games everyday this summer through this national program here. But we still have to pay $2.50/person for shoes. Ouch! These shoes were for sale by another family at our garage sale and they blessed us with them. Yeah!! They're even name brand and practically brand new. How nice! We just might learn how to bowl this summer! LOL
It was a wonderful week, an exhausting week. But boy was it worth it!!


Anonymous said...

Yay You guys! Nice Job!

Victoria said...

Yes, i'm so glad that God gave you some cash!
Thank you Lord!

Mrs. Taffy said...

I didn't even notice you linked up until right this second! I hope you went out today! I found some great stuff!