Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Summer Reading Programs

We've always enjoyed summer reading programs. We've got a great local library and we've done theirs for sure. And in years past we did other large book stores as well. But most of those only go to 6th grade. So we were thrilled when my wonderful sister in law informed us that these two companies have joined in this summer as well. Yeah!! We especially love ice cream, although The DQ program here only goes through 6th grade. The Half Price Books on the other hand goes through age 14! And the best part is that each child can earn a $3 gift card.....each week....all summer long! The only bummer is that they can't combine them. But we don't mind. Just imagine all the wonderful deals we'll find! We can hardly wait. If you click on the pictures, they should direct you to the correct forms to sign up. If I linked up correctly that is. :-)
I always set a reading goal for the girls each summer and these programs really help keep them motivated. Too bad there isn't one for moms too! LOL


:)De said...

Thanks! We love reading and all sorts of summer programs. The age/grade limit is kinda discouraging sometime, but hey...we'll take what we can.


:)De said...

Hey Laura,

I got licensed about 17 years ago so that I could adopt from foster care. After my initial adoption, I just never closed my license because I knew I would want to adopt again. When a baby girl was placed with me, I was given the chance to adopt her, even though that was not the original plan and it just grew from there. For about 6 years, I was working a crazy 60-70 hour a week job as a crises intervention therapist and changed my license to an emergency intake home only. You know like if there is a placement in the middle of the night, but another family would be available within 24-48 hours I would take that kind of placement. Once I came home for good, I started taking difficult to place children and my agency has kept me busy. :)

It is such a blessing to be able to care for other people’s children. My children and I consider it our “work for Jesus”!

Anonymous said...

Ya! I am glad we get to do it. Thanks mom!

Heart2Heart said...

I remember having summer reading programs through the library where we could win amazing stuff. Sadly not too many still offer that.

Also Barnes and Noble offers free books when you read so many. Check it out if you have one close.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat