Thursday, June 17, 2010

Ma's Pancake Man

I have to say right up front that I did not find these beauties at a garage sale, but at Goodwill. However, I am as thrilled as can be at discovering them!!! They are not frilly and foofooey at all, and yet they are still feminine. They have little puff sleeves, scalloped edges, pleats and fun necklines. Oh Joy!! And they just happen to be in the perfect colors and style for a certain daughter of mine with particular taste! I am as pleased as can be!!!
Next month we are driving down to Walnut Grove to experience Little House on the Prairie up close and personal! The girls are so excited!!! And so in honor of this little field trip we are reading aloud the Little House Series. This week I am reading Little House in the Big Woods. We've read bits and pieces but never the whole series. I have to say that we have all laughed out loud several times. This morning I tried to make pancake men like Ma did.....but my first attempt looked more like a spider....and thus became one. My second attempt looked more like a snowman....and thus she became one too! After that I gave up and made the girls initials and hearts and fun stuff like that. Of course we had to throw in some chocolate chips too! And just so ya know....I did make another Z that didn't turn out backwards. lol And Pillar made an M for me so I wouldn't feel left out!
The backside of this heart is COVERED with mini chocolate chips!
It was a fun day had by all! Thanks for stopping by!


Mrs. Taffy said...

So glad you found something perfect for Pillar! What a blessing! And the pancakes are adorable!

Anonymous said...

The panckes were delicious. Espacily the ones with chocolate chips in them!

Persuaded said...

What a cute idea to make letter on the pancakes.... my, my, my, the possibilities are endless!

RCUBEs said...

Those pancakes look cute and yummy! Praying all is well with you sister. Everytime I come by, His love you share with your daughters is evident. Glory be to God! God bless you and keep you.

Our Country Road said...

We have a Little House recipe book that tells how to make the little pancake men, and I think you did a great job. I've been to Walnut Grove, adn your girls are going to love it! And, isnt it great to find a good deal on something that you KNOW your kids will wear?

Dee said...

Love the thrift store finds and the pancakes! You have a beautiful family! Love the blog!


Dee :)