Friday, June 11, 2010

Simply Beautiful

There's more than one beautiful thing about this picture.....

Last week I took all three girls in for routine eye exams. And much to my surprise I was told that Pillar's prescription had changed just a tiny bit. Miracle had what the doctor described as "Hawk eyes" or much better than 20/20 and my sweet Rosebud....well, she evidently has a severe astigmatism. Bad enough that they retested three times, just to be sure. Here she is sporting her new glasses that we just picked up today. Isn't she just the cutest thing??? The Dr. was amazed that Rosebud's reading and comprehension were so high given her diagnosis. She said it had to be because we homeschool. I heard this same exact comment about Pillar when she got her glasses years ago. Hmmmmmm. Makes me wonder how many children are having "issues" at school simply because they have "issues" with their eyes that have gone undiagnosed. The Dr. rattled off a list of possible problems she might be having in school that would be caused by this astigmatism. One of them was mixing up letters like "b" and "d". A few of the others were handwriting, being able to stay focused, and getting distracted easily. All of which we have been diligently working on. I'm very curious to see the changes that occur now that she's sporting these new pink beauties!! I think she looks simply smart and adorable. But I guess I'm a bit prejudice since I'm her mom!
The other beautiful thing about this picture you ask????

Well, it's the story behind the chair. It was given to us this week quite unexpectedly. I've wanted one for sometime, but not bad enough to buy one. Well not only is this a great little chair with cute curves and lines, but the color is absolutely PERFECT! It's the same color of red that my hutch is at the other end of the room. And those little circles/flowers are the same color of blue that our couch is. Only God could give me a piece of furniture that would tie together all the rest of the furniture in the room. Just about every piece of our furniture was given to us by a different family at a different time. Each one has a story, a testimony. God has been so very good to us for many many years. And this little chair has brought me some much needed encouragement this week. Thank you Lord!!!


Mrs. Taffy said...

She does look adorable! Jonah had the same thing diagnosed this week. He has one eye thats near sided and one eye that's far sided...I didn't know that was possible! No wonder he's been getting headaches!

The chair is adorable and perfect for your house! Another place to sit! What a blessing!

Have a great weekend!


Victoria said...

RoseBud looks adorable!
Love you!