Sunday, September 13, 2009

Answered Prayer

In 2005 I took Pillar with me on a short term missions trip to China. During that time we visited many orphanages. We loved on the children, prayed for the sick, and brought supplies and medicines. It was a life changing experience for both of us!! During one of our visits to Shepherd's Field we met a little girl named Emily. She was sweet and gentle. She always had a smile. But she was very sick and fragile, and unable to be held by any outsiders. She needed medical treatment to save her life that was not available to her in China. Her only hope was that a "forever family" would adopt her from outside China. Until that time, the orphanage was able to keep her alive with blood transfusions every two/three weeks. We have sponsored her every month since our trip. It's been a wonderful experience for our family. One that I would HIGHLY recommend!! Not only do we send $35/month, but we shop for her too! The girls LOVE to go shopping for Emily! We send a box at Christmas and her birthday. But we shop all year round!! The orphanage is so kind to even send us pics of her opening and wearing her new presents!! And, of course, we have prayed for her just about every day for the last four years. She really has become apart of our family!!

We recently heard the wonderful news that Emily will finally be ADOPTED!!!! In the next two weeks she will come to live with her forever family right here in the US!!! We're so happy for her!! And we're so grateful to God for finding her the perfect "forever family." Now she'll be able to get all the love and medical treatment that she needs to lead a full life!!

This first picture was taken the day we met and fell in love with our dear sweet Emily.

The second is a more recent picture taken of her this summer. Doesn't she have the most beautiful smile?
We love you! You will always be our sweet Emily. And just maybe.....someday....God will allow us to meet you face to face again!!