Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Look at it SPARKLE!!

I wish I could say that I clean out my fridge every week. And although I try to make sure that spills are cleaned up, that nothing is "lurking" in the back or that nothing is "growing"in the dark......I do not take apart the shelves and scrub them down as I should on a regular basis. So I thought I would capture the sparkly clean interior of my fridge while it is still so!!! LOL I was given something that I thought was frozen bread. It resembled philo bread and came in a big rectangular slab. So I stuck it on a cookie sheet and baked it. Unfortunately for me, there appears to have been lard or something nasty in between each layer and grease poured off the cookie sheet. It made a HUGE mess on the bottom of my oven. ARGH!! I didn't want to use the oven's self cleaning feature for fear of starting a fire. So.....I first used oven cleaning chemicals and THEN did the self cleaning over night. So much work for something I threw away! Here's my nice clean oven!! Hopefully, it will stay this way for awhile!To top off my VERY good weekend, my wonderful brother and his family came over for a few hours on Sunday and fixed all things broken in my house!! My brother blesses my life in so many ways!! As a single mom and home owner, I have learned how to fix many a thing over the years. NOT because I wanted to....but because I had to. There was no one else to do it for me. I've gotten to know the Home Depot guys pretty well and unfortunately, there are many things I've learned the hard way. And so I'm grateful for a kind and generous brother who is now living close to us and is willing to spend his valuable time helping me! He's teaching his sons well and between the three of them they: replaced my kitchen sink faucet, replaced the electrical outlet in my daughters room, replaced the entire shower head piece, repaired a bedroom doorknob, and repaired my lawnmower tire! What a HUGE blessing!!! And the icing on the cake is that I was able to have a delightful conversation with my sister in law while all this was going on!! What a treat for me!! I am one blessed lady!!


Anonymous said...

Your oven and fridge look GREAT!!!!
I love it!
Great job! Love ya guys!

Anonymous said...

Nice blog...just got the permission to look at it from my computer...Hay Zoe, like your picture on the right side of your blog...hahaha...:)


Marlene said...

I love the picture of your fridge! Cleaning mine is on this weekends chore list.