Friday, September 18, 2009

The Ice Age

This week during History we talked about the Ice Age. So for a fun activity we played around with some ice! First we had a contest to see who could hold an ice cube in the palm of their hand the longest. I wimped out after only a minute. The girls all held out for more than 5 minutes at which time.....I changed the experiment! Now the contest was to see who could keep an ice cube on their BELLY for the longest! As the ice cube melted, the ice cold water would run down. Brrrrrrrr! And all three girls kept that ice on until it was just about melted, about 15 minutes!! Their little bellies were so red and cold!! We laughed so hard, we cried! By the way....I did NOT participate in this last activity. LOL
I really don't think they'll forget much about the ice you???


Anonymous said...

OH MY WORD I bet that's cold!!! Kayli, that's the funniest face I've ever seen you make!
you too Tori!

Mrs. Taffy said...

Love those faces!!

Anonymous said...

Very funny faces...nice one