Saturday, September 12, 2009

Miracle turns 11!

Miracle turns 11!

The enemy has sought to destroy her from the time she was conceived. BUT GOD has a plan and a purpose for her life!! She is my sunshine, my delight!! I am so very proud of the young lady she is becoming. This is Jubilee, her new doll.

Every year for the girls birthdays I let them choose the menu for the day. Miracle chose homemade blueberry muffins and cantaloupe for breakfast, chicken cashew salad for lunch, and mac and cheese with hot dogs for dinner with homemade Oreo cheesecake for her "birthday cake." Can I just tell you how nasty I think both mac and cheese as well as hot dogs are??? But that's what she wanted. I bought all beef kosher hot dogs, but she insisted that the mac and cheese NOT be homemade......but from a box! LOL Here's the cheese cake. It tasted great!!


Anonymous said...

I'm drooling here!!! Any leftover cake?
I call dibs! lol. Happy birthday Miracle!
I'm bringing your present tonight!

Mrs. Taffy said...

Wonderful! We are so glad you were born Miracle! Our lives would not be complete without you! Hugs-Auntie Taffy

Big Daddy said...

Hot dogs and Mac and Cheese are the best! Happy Birthday you lovely young lady!