Friday, September 18, 2009

Science Experiments!!

This week we did several really fun experiments. Pillar learned about chemical reactions. She boiled some red cabbage in water, which accounts for the lovely pink color. Added vinegar. Put baking soda inside the balloon and attached it to the top of the 2-liter bottle. When the balloon with baking soda was emptied into the 2-liter solution......whalaaaaa! Fizz and Foam and Gas.....OH MY!! She really thought the balloon was going to explode!

In this experiment we were learning that there are atoms in everything, even solids. Some are packed loosely, like the corn syrup at the bottom of the glass. While others are packed so hard, like the oil, that it could not pass through the water in the middle. The other items in the glass are a rock, a grape, an ice cube, and a cork. Fascinating!!

These lovely creatures have been Pillar's pets for the last several months. They are salamanders. She was given two of them by a friend who found them in her backyard. Pillar has faithfully caught spiders, moths and crickets everyday to feed them. But alas, due to the upcoming winter and our inability to catch needed insects for their food, she decided this week to let them go so they could find appropriate shelter and safety before winter comes. Here they are starting to burrow under ground.
Good bye.....

Can I just say how much we LOVE to homeschool?!?!?!?!? I'm so grateful that God chose "me" to parent these beautiful, smart, funny girls!

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Anonymous said...

Bye bye salamanders! Good job Zoe!
Did you try the ice cube trick?