Sunday, September 13, 2009

Fall Harvest Orchard

Every fall we make a trip to Fall Harvest Orchard. It's owned by wonderful grandparents who open up their farm to children and their families free of charge! Depending on what time of day you arrive, you might be able to gather eggs, feed the cows or give milk to the baby goats. The children can hold/pet the baby chicks, goats and baby piglets! And there are always bags of feed for the goats, which the children LOVE to give them! They also give hayrides through the cornfields, gourd fields, and they stop so you can pick your own apples at a bargain price! But they stop to let the children pick their own corn, gourds or pumpkins for free. They LOVE all the farming questions from the kids. As a homeschool mom, I love the educational aspect of this farm!! It's not just entertaining!! This year we went together with our very good friends from Olson's Merchantile. The girls have grown up together and always have such a good time.

The girls were looking for gourds to make a beautiful centerpiece for our table at home.
There were purple, red, blue and white varieties of corn to be found. If we let them dry out for a couple months, they will be ready for popcorn by Christmas!!
The goats were all too eager to eat out of our hands. They were climbing all over each other to get to us!!
This is a HUGE corn bin that the kids can play in!

And bury each other! LOL

And we have to get the annual ma and pa pic! LOL

Miracle is holding the tiniest newborn chick! Which one is cutest??

Pillar loves animals!

It was a wonderful afternoon!