Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Blessing Abound Part 2!!

I've pondered whether or not I should write this post for several days. My desire is to give God all the glory for the good things He's doing in our life. But I also realize that people are hurting and going through extreme hardships and in no way do I want to discourage or dishearten anyone. My hope is that anyone reading this post realizes that God is not a respecter of persons, so what He does for us.....He can do for you too!!

As I mentioned earlier I've had many surgeries and a loss of job this year. The health issue has not been resolved yet, and so I am unable to find new daycare families....hence very little money coming in for the last several months. I have applied for energy assistance and a home mortgage reduction program, but both take several months to process. So we are every week living very supernaturally. (I should also mention that I am committed to staying out of debt.) God has been very good to provide all the food we need and then some every week. It's come from different sources at all different times, and He's never been late once.

But my heart cry to Him has been, "What about the cash items Lord?" What about the items like my mortgage and utilities that I just need cold hard cash for? Then one day I got an e-mail from a friend that I haven't seen or talked to in a couple years. She told me that the Lord had her praying for us fervently. She told me how she had been led to pray for us. I can't tell you how it encouraged me to know that the Lord was working on our behalf! What happened next still leaves me speechless. Only God could orchestrate all the players to make this happen. We may plan our day...but it is HE that orders our steps! Evidently, she was standing in line for lunch and met/talked to a person......who ended me a grant that would pay my mortgage for the next 4 months!!! CASH!!! God is so faithful!

And then a couple days later, we went to a different friend's house for lunch. While there, she handed me a plain manila envelope and said, "This is an early Christmas present from an anonymous giver that must be opened NOW!" I opened it to find a stack of $100 bills for me and several very generous gift cards for the girls. I cried right there on the spot....again! I now had more than enough money to get caught up on my utilities. But what is really awesome is the next part. The very next morning I was scheduled to have my van worked on. So I had the "CASH" to pay for everything! That is everything I knew about (the brakes and rotors) AND what I didn't know about (4 new tires!) God knew exactly what I needed before I ever knew about it! Isn't that just like God?!?!?

Now lest you think this is the end of the miracles.....please let me continue a little bit more. We were blessed with presents from an anonymous family at one of our little local churches. We don't know this family, and they don't know us. The connection was made through our local food shelf. Against all Christmas rules.....I let the girls open these presents early! And what we found inside was truly amazing. I told the girls when we were done opening them that Jesus Himself went shopping for them. There just wasn't any human way for a person that doesn't know pick the gifts they did! Rosebud was given a box of horses which are her all time FAVORITE animal right now and the exact same socks that she had wanted!
Now I know the socks might sound weird. But just the day before we had gone sock shopping. The girls were given some cash from great grandparents and so she was buying some much needed socks. The ones she really liked had one "yucky" pair in it. And she just didn't feel right about spending her money on something "yucky." Even if it was only one pair. So she opted for the plainer ones with nothing objectionable. These socks that she was given were VERY similar to what she had wanted......without any yucky ones! She was sooooo happy!
Pillar was given a really great sewing basket full of supplies. It was blue, her favorite color!
She LOVES to sew, knit, embroider and just all crafts in general.

Miracle was given a beautiful handmade outfit for her AG dolls that looks very Amish.
She absolutely loves all things Amish! It even came with a matching bonnet!
Jubilee in her new outfit! Isn't she sweet?
I really could go on and on with all the many blessings the Lord has sent and is continuing to send our way. But I just have to say it is so much fun to watch the Lord reveal Himself to the girls in this special way. He is our Provider, Protector, Father and Husband. He is our All in All....our Everything! We're so grateful for the privilege of knowing Him and calling Him our Savior!


Mrs. Taffy said...

Your girls make the BEST faces! I'm so happy for you! What a tremendous blessing! God is good, even when gifts don't come in tangible cash...He's good to even stretch us and refine us and make us more like Him. Just hoping He isn't planning on stretching me beyond what I can bear...know He said He won't, but owie!

RCUBEs said...

He is the Giver of all good gifts. Your post does glorify Him...And I pray that many hurting ones will come by and read and know how good the Lord is! His kindness is everlasting. So happy for you. Thanks be to God! Praying for the Lord to bless you more and keep you and your girls.

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Anonymous said...

That was a very cool day. God always takes care of our family. I did not expect such great gifts! Jesus truely was shopping for us. I hope you have a Merry Christmas.

Sharon said...

Thanks for including me in your blog spot as I have enjoyed reading about your life and family. Your mom would be very proud of you all for all the love you have shown each other. You are teaching your girls a very valuable lesson of life. Keep up your good job!


:)De said...

Merry Christmas!


Anonymous said...

Hi there!
I have been following your blog the past few weeks and wanted to say hello.I am a christian homeschooling single mom as well to my 11yr old dd.Wanted to let you know I really enjoy your blog. I feel I can relate and single hsing moms are far and few between.Thank you for your encouragement to me.You are a blessing!
P.S.Your girls are beautiful :)

momstheword said...

Isn't God awesome! He truly blesses us above and beyond what we could think of. I am excited and encouraged to read about His provision for you!

I'm sorry I missed your post but didn't see it when you posted. Just for future reference, if you join the meme again you will find instructions on the meme post. I will be putting up tomorrow's meme later tonight. I do hope you join us again!

All you really need to do is mention the "Making Your Home Sing" meme on your blog post and put a courtesy link back to my blog.

If I've already mentioned this before sorry for repeating myself!

~ Nan

momstheword said...

Sorry, I just now saw your comment. Yes, I do it every Monday and I'd love to have you join us! It's just a way of me trying to find something every week to do to bless my family, and I welcome others joining along! Instructions are on the meme post.

~ Nan