Saturday, December 12, 2009

I LOVE these Girls!

As I download my pictures,
just what do I see?
Silly surprises
Left just for me.

Yes, little surprises
they leave just for fun.
Little do they know
I love every one.

Goofy lil' pictures
That bring me great thrills.
Amazing just how much
I do love these girls!!!

Late last night the girls were playing with the timer on the camera that was borrowed to us for the holidays. I accidentally broke mine....lovely! All I heard was tons of laughter! So eventually.....I had to join in on the fun! These are just a few of the many many silly, sweet pics that I found this morning on the camera!
PS....I found this great little poem over at Scottsville. Thanks Erica!


Mrs. Taffy said...

That was so cute! Great pictures!

Victoria said...

I love the poems that you made!!! We did have a ton of fun didn't we? Good job blogging.


Anonymous said...

Cute poem! I love those pictures! Rosebud is so sweet!

Anonymous said...

That was REALLY fun! The camera is so different from ours.