Sunday, December 27, 2009

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!!!

Our tradition for years now has been to go to church on Christmas Eve for their candle light service and then come home and open stockings. This year however we had to stay home due to a Christmas snow storm. Not just any snow storm mind you, but a record breaking snow storm. According to the weatherman there hasn't been this much snow on Christmas since 1945! So we stayed home and cooked a most wonderful Christmas Eve dinner. We were given a large 20 lb turkey, stuffing, potatoes, corn, carrots, cranberries and we had lots of our own homemade goodies too! We had a feast with LOTS of yummy leftovers. I absolutely LOVE cooking with my girls. It really is one of my most favorite things to do!!

But now much to the girls dismay.....I still made them wait till evening to open their stockings! LOL So here they are after waiting not so patiently ALL DAY LONG! LOL
I don't enjoy the sound of "smacking" gum. I don't chew gum myself and I don't care to hear anyone else either. (My mom was the same way.) Does that make me old??? So once a year at Christmas I give the girls several packs of gum in their stockings and they think this is the greatest treat ever!! They save it for special times and have learned how to chew as quiet as a mouse! lol
This year the girls did something VERY special. They made this "Mystery Box." Inside were many many many handmade coupons for us to draw from. The coupons said things like give foot rub, back massage, clean room, do laundry, do dishes or Mystery which meant you could pick any "one" thing you wanted! The girls all have their daily chores that they do, so this would give them an opportunity to have a break when needed/wanted. It was so much fun drawing and being surprised as to what special treat you picked. And there was a little twist to it too. The person drawing got to pick the person to perform the service for you! Of course we're all on the honor system to keep things fair and fun.....but I thought it was such a fun creative way to give gifts!! Good job girls!!
Personally, I love surprises. So I thought this was so cute. Rosebud didn't look inside her stocking. She closed her eyes and felt around for what to pull out next. The anticipation was almost too much for her! lol
We're passing the Mystery Box around and she picked what she was hoping for. Can you hear the loud, "YES!!"
We were adopted by a family for Christmas this year and they blessed Pillar with a brand new camera. Not in her wildest imagination did she ever expect such an extravagant gift.
This same family blessed us with so many wonderful gifts. Rosebud loves horses and all things cowgirl. She's wanted a pair of boots for the last couple years. And guess what she got??? Yup, a brand new pair of boots! She's worn them everywhere!
Miracle loves monkeys, soft things, pink and all things girly girl. So you can imagine her delight at this super soft plush pink monkey with baby!
After we were done opening presents we just sat and looked at all the gifts the Lord had given to us this year through the body of Christ. We were overwhelmed at His generosity through these families that had "adopted" us. So before we opened and played with anything.....we prayed. We have so much to be thankful for. He's been so good to us!!
And then......I remembered that I had been given one more gift for the girls. Someone had given me gift cards for them. So I ran to my purse and delivered one more surprise! Gift cards for each of them to Claire's and Starbucks! Yeah!
That afternoon the girls played outside in what will probably be called the Christmas Blizzard of 2009. The snow was wet and heavy. They tried making snowmen, but the balls were just too heavy to roll or lift. At one point this is what I saw when I looked out the window....
We finished our day with the completion of Bartholomew's Passage, our advent story, and a Christmas movie. It was a wonderful day!! Thank you Lord for my family. Thank you for trusting me with these beautiful girls. I'm so glad that you gave them to me!


Deborah said...

Reading your blog is such an inspiration to me.
Beautiful girls! Great big in love with Jesus Mommy heart!! Keep the faith ~ Keep up the great work...

RCUBEs said...

Glad to hear you had a meaningful celebration on Christmas Day! Yes, all those wonderful gifts that He gives! And the best is His love. Blessings to you.

:)De said...

What a cool and blessed day. I love how God takes care of us in all areas, even with fun Christmas gifts!


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas!

Victoria said...

What a wonderful Christmas that was! The snow was really wet and mushy, Thats why kayli was trying to think of a plan to put the eye balls in the snowmens head without breaking it the third time!

Anonymous said...

Your girls are so adorable. You are doing an awesome job! I'm so glad that we "e-met". Wished you lived next door. Blessings to you!