Friday, December 11, 2009

Medical Update and Cookie Baking

This week I met with Dr. G to discuss my current breathing problem. After using a scope to look down my throat he was able to see a couple things very clearly. #1 My right vocal chord is still showing signs of movement. This is such a miracle!! My brother was with me during this visit and was able to see the chord move as well. Dr. G has said more than once that he doesn't know how or why it's's been paralyzed for a LONG time. But we know WHY and we know WHO! His name is Jesus!! #2 He could also see that the airway he has surgically created this past year looks good. It should be adequate. So that is not the problem. He suspects that the issue may lie "underneath" my vocal chords. Possibly damage from the initial trach site or maybe damage done with all the tubes and instruments over the course of 6 surgeries this year. Thus, this morning I had a spiral CT of my throat done. I'll get the results back next Friday. We need answers. We need this to be over.

But......while I was at the hospital having the CT, the girls went over to a nearby friend's house. Once I returned from having my test done we all had a yummy lunch of sandwiches, fruit and chips. AND then.....we baked cookies all afternoon! It was such a great way to get my mind off of myself and onto all the many blessings I have surrounding me. We had several "stations" set up around her kitchen so that everyone had something to work on. Here Miracle is hard at work dipping pretzels in chocolate before adding sprinkles!!
The blue stuff in the bowl is actually glaze for the sugar cookies. It reminded us of the "green goo" we experienced at Thanksgiving! LOL
Let's see....Pillar is working on rolling out more sugar cookies, Madison was making peanut clusters and Rosebud was making vanilla pretzels. We had so much going on at one took both us mom's to keep things in order! But we sure accomplished a lot!
Baking at Christmastime......what fun!!
The girls had so much fun together. We made some for us, but most of them we put in tins for gifts. And like my sister in law likes to say....."These were made with a special ingredient. LOVE!" Rosebud told us these were better than from the store! How sweet is that?!?!
Our cookie frosting station was a happening place! We had quite a few artists hard at work decorating their trees.
It was a really nice way to spend the day. Good friends, good food and lots of laughter!!


Mrs. Taffy said...

Looks like a great day! I haven't given much thought to Christmas cookies...I NEED too though, I'm sure my children would really LOVE it if I did! lol :o)

Victoria said...

The cookies tasted great there were peanut clusters, vanilla and chocolate pretzels, sugar cookies and kiss cookies. It was so much fun. Can't wait to make more!!!

Anonymous said...

I love it how you set up cooking stations! So organised! You can always get so much done!

Anonymous said...

That was REALLY fun! I can't wait to do it again with you. The vanilla pretzels were my favorite!