Friday, December 4, 2009

Slicing, Dicing and Chopping!

We've been blessed recently with 50 lbs of potatoes and several bags of apples too! So we've been fixing and freezing A LOT. Some for now.....some for later! This Apple Crisp did NOT make it to the freezer. It was DELICIOUS!!
Over Thanksgiving we were blessed with a ham too, so Miracle sat and chopped the whole thing up! What diligence!!
I think Pillar peeled more than 15 pounds of potatoes in this one sitting! Amazing!!
And of course all the apples for the apple crisp had to be sliced thin!
Rosebud made the crumbly filling for the apple crisp. It was hard work cutting in all that butter....but boy did it taste good!
We have so much fun in the kitchen. It's great to see the girls gaining more and more confidence in their cooking skills. I hope these will be memories that they treasure forever!


Mrs. Taffy said...

Good job girls! Make those arms strong with all that important work! Cutting in butter is my least favorite kitchen chore! I'm proud of you Rosebud!

Anonymous said...

I Hate cutting in butter!! Good job Rosebud! Peeling potatoes is hard too! Great job Pillar and Miracle!