Friday, November 13, 2009


After raking 3/4 of the leaves in our backyard we decided to reward ourselves with a bonfire. We had some huge marshmallows left and that's what we tried to use for smores. I don't usually post this many pictures....but the girls were soooo funny! We laughed really hard! As you will see, there are some "hams" in the family. It was a great way to end a day of hard work outside! These marshmallows were vanilla and strawberry flavored. And for some reason they lit on fire easily. None of us care for the charcoal flavor.....
They do make great torches though! If you look closely you can see the fire.
Now what mama is gonna resist taking a picture of those cute puffed out cheeks??
And of course I made them try at least one bite! After all, I've been told that their uncle actually prefers his this way! Maybe they would too.....or NOT! LOL
Her roasting stick is on fire and is smoking like a sparkler during the 4th of July.
Rosebud's given name means God's Gift of Love. I tell her all the time, that she's God's gift to present from God! Isn't she sweet?

Uh oh.....caught on fire again!
Trying harder and harder......

She wouldn't give up, because "I'm not a quitter mom!" but tried to "pick" off the black stuff!
Nope....didn't work. So sad.
This would be the BEFORE face......
And the AFTER face!!
And end to another wonder filled day!

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Anonymous said...

Oh gross!! Burnt strawberry marshmallows!!
Yup thats how dad and Banana Taffy like it! Have fun!