Monday, November 9, 2009

Handyman Angels

Over the years I have learned to keep a list of projects that I need help with around the house. Big or small, I write them all down. Because God in His faithfulness will speak to a persons heart and I will get a question something like this. "Do you need anything fixed around the house? My husband would like to help you." I never know when it's going to happen, and usually it comes from someone that I never would have thought to ask on my own. I call them my Handyman Angels! It's one of the ways that God truly demonstrates that HE is my Husband, my Provider. I am always amazed and so grateful when He takes care of us in this way. Sunday, I got to know a new Handyman Angel by the name of Christopher. I've known him and his beautiful family for years, from a distance. But they said that God had really laid me on their hearts. So his wife brought me a couple home cooked meals that were absolutely delicious, and he offered to help me in any way he could. Yeah!!Christopher put all the bikes up on the ceiling and hung all the car seats on the walls. I have so much more floor space now! You may still think my garage looks a mess. And with all the daycare "stuff" I suppose it is. But this is what "I" see. Blessings and miracles of provision! That riding lawn mower was only 2 years old when it was given to me by a business man. What a time saver! What a blessing!! I see cases of toilet paper and Kleenex that were given to me. I haven't had to buy tp or Kleenex in over a year! I see hours and hours of work donated by many hardworking husbands to serve my family. So when I look around my garage......I see the Goodness and Faithfulness of God!!


Mrs. Taffy said...

Wonderful! Looks great!

Anonymous said...

That is SO cool! Cute Rosebud!