Sunday, November 22, 2009

Girls Day Out!

We had a very special day today! I won 6 free tickets to the MN State Orchestra and we invited my sister in law and her daughter to go with us. It was called an American Tribute. The music was very patriotic and heartwarming. Plus it was an excuse to get all dressed up, which my girls LOVE to do!! This is the outside of the building. Isn't is unique? We were wondering if the people "outside" could hear the music "inside" through those big blue structures? Our seats were located on the front row of the first balcony section! We had a great view. What a blessing!!
I had the flash turned off on my camera, so the pic is dark. But there was certainly excitement in the air!
The very first selection was our National Anthem. Did you know that the British use the exact same music for their nation anthem??
All our sweet girls after the performance!! Aren't they beautiful?
After the performance we went to Starbucks for a treat. Now, I have to explain why this is such a treat for my girls. I DON'T like coffee. In fact, I don't even like the smell of it! I know that may seem un-American to some....but it's true. But thanks to my brother and his family, they are being taught the finer points of coffee drinking! LOL
Today the girls just had steamers. But Rosebud informed me that next time she wants a Frapachino. Don't ask me what it is.....I have no clue. I probably didn't even spell it right! LOL
One last thing......One of the selections today was called the Turkey Trot. Toward the end of the performance this is what came "trotting" down the isle!
It was a wonderful day spent with people we love! Thank you Lord for blessing us with these tickets!!


Mrs. Taffy said...

GREAT DAY! Thanks for taking us with you! Tirzah is all a twitter after such a lovely day! Love you!

RCUBEs said...

You all looked like you had a wonderful time! Thank you for sharing. Made us see beyond what went on inside that blue building. God bless. Happy Thanksgiving.

Mrs. Olson said...

What a fun experience for the girls. And they all look lovely!!

Anonymous said...

Fun! Thank you so much!

Paula Micheal said...


I'm Paula from 7isheavenforus thank you for your prayers! I took a few moments to read a little of your blog and enjoyed it.
I'm adding you to my list of blogs I follow :)
I don't get on much due to the fact that my computer at home is down so we have to travel to the library to check things. Well, have a blessed day.

This is the day that the Lord hath made I will rejoice and be glad in it.

Heather L said...

Thanks for stopping over at my blog! I love the girls! They all look so lovely and wonderful. What a wonderful outing!

God bless
Heather Laurie