Friday, November 6, 2009

Family Pictures

I know some of us are positioned a bit weird, but our smiles are the best in this here it is! From left to right is Miracle (11), Rosebud (8), Me, Great Grandma (82....doesn't she look great?!), and Pillar (12). My brother and I with our Grandma. Doesn't he look tough? He wouldn't smile for the camera! lol We didn't plan the blue jean thing either. Just happened that way!
I love this picture of my Grandma! Isn't she sweet? I also like it because we're all in it together. Usually the "moms" are the ones taking the pictures, so we're not in too many of them!!
But this is definitely one of my all time favorites!! All the great grandchildren together with Grandma. What a treasure!! What a heritage!!
And as an added bonus, a lovely picture of my brother's family. To learn more about them you can visit their blog here.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures!
Thank you for all your comments!