Sunday, November 8, 2009

My Little Monkey

For the last couple years, Miracle's favorite animal has been the monkey. She just LOVES them. So I think it's funny that she acts like one too!! Of my three girls, she is the one you will find climbing a tree on any given day. We only have a couple good climbing trees though, despite living on a forested/treed acre of land. The pines in the front don't have any low branches and neither do the oaks or maples in the back. So sad! So you can imagine my shock when Pillar came inside to tell me that Miracle was more than 20 feet up in one of our front pine trees! Evidently, a boy showed her how to use the neighboring trees to push off of, flip onto, and fly through the air to get up there. Great....just great! lol

She's very limber and agile, so I wasn't really worried. But I asked Pillar to take pictures before I went out there to make sure she could get herself back down.

Here she is climbing higher and higher. Once she finally reached the branches, the sky was the limit! That would be her....the pink speck heading toward the top!
I lived on farm for several years when I was younger. I have the fondest memories of climbing trees all the way to the tippy top and watching my mother's shocked face when she discovered me all the way up there! LOL


Mrs. Taffy said...

She's amazing!

Anonymous said...

Wwwwwoooooowwww..... Kinda scary Tori!!!